Pest Control

Pest is a term we use for unwanted creatures and can be anything from slugs to white fly to birds.  Different plants attract different pests, with some being more prone to pests than others.  The best form of pest control is prevention.  Most pests can be controlled with the use of netting and cloches. However, a lot of the time this isn’t practical.  If you are concerned about using pesticides to control pests, organic pest control chemicals are now available.  We stock these alongside normal non-organic types. 

If you grow fruit and vegetables, birds will likely become an issue at some point.  They are especially partial to soft fruit in the summer and pigeons are keen on cabbage, kale and sprouts in late autumn when their normal foods become scarcer.  We sell a range of different nets and cloches along with poles, canes and frames to help you protect these crops. 

Slug Killer

Fly & Insect Killer

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