‘Perennial’ is a term given to plants that return year after year. Many perennials are herbaceous, which means they die down in late autumn and remain dormant until the following spring. This makes them incredibly easy to care for and fabulous value for money. There are thousands of perennial plants available so you can have a fantastic display of colour over the course of the year.

At Carpenter’s garden centre, not only do we try to stock as broad a range of these plants as possible, but unlike other Hertfordshire garden centres, we also grow an amazing selection here on site. There is, of course, the traditional favourites in our range, such as Lupins, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Verbena and Rudbeckia as well some more unusual varieties like Baptista, Sanguisorba, Gillenia and Aruncus.

We also grow a selection of plants in a 100% compostable pots made from bamboo and planted in a peat-free compost. We continue to strive towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly range and have also incorporated many pollinator friendly varieties too.  By growing plants ourselves, we can ensure the very best quality and condition our plants to ensure that they are in perfect condition for planting and wont fail if they experience cold weather

The end of March is a good time to visit to start to come and see our extensive range of own-grown perennials.