When we speak of herbaceous plants, we are usually talking about the perennial variety that will typically die off in winter months and come back to life in the spring.  Due to this miracle, perennial plants offer great value for money and create a fascinating display of colour from spring through to autumn.  There are hundreds of different plants in this category to choose from so you won’t be short on choice when planting a herbaceous perennial border.

We stock a huge selection of herbaceous perennials, with a large portion of these grown by hand on site to guarantee quality.  We condition our plants to ensure that they are in perfect condition for planting and wont fail if they experience cold weather.

Our most popular perennial plants include Lavender, Lupins, Delphiniums, Agapanthus, Campanulas, Rudbeckia and Poppies.

The only thing to be mindful of when creating a perennial border is that the plants will die back in the autumn leaving your border looking a bit empty in the winter months. We advise planting some small evergreen shrubs within a perennial border so you still have some greenery to look at.