Salt Blocks & Water Softener Salt Tablets

If you require salt for your water softener or dishwasher, we hold the largest supply of salt products in St Albans & Harpenden.  

We supply Salt Tablets in 25 Kg & 10 Kg Carry Bags & Granulated salt in 25kg bags. We also sell Harvey's Salt Blocks (2pk).

Because the water within Hertfordshire is generally ‘hard’ many people install water softeners within their homes to soften the water. The leading mineral in most hard water is calcium, salt cuts the amount of calcium deposited, making your water softer.  This prolongs the life of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines and prevents limescale build-up in showers heads and taps.

We also stock de-icing rock salt for clearing paths and driveways during the winter.

Hydrosoft Water Softener & Harveys Block Salt

Hydrosoft Water Softener & Harveys Block Salt

De-Icing Salt for Paths and Driveways

peacock salt - 15kg bag of de-icing salt