This group of perennials (return year after year) are one of the hardiest. As the name suggests, they are naturally found in mountainous regions and are used to dealing with extremes in weather, and survive in very little, poor-quality soils. This makes them ideal for the beginner gardeners and seasoned professionals alike. They are very low maintenance once planted and are incredibly versatile. Their low growing nature means they are ideal for rockeries, walls, and planters and many varieties create a carpet acting as a natural weed suppressant.

We stock a comprehensive range of alpine plants at Carpenter’s garden centre that will provide a kaleidoscope of colour from early Spring right through to the Autumn.

To ensure they get off to the right start, they like to be planted in a very free-draining loam-based soil, such as John Innes No 2 with additional potting grit (available in-store). They thrive in open sunny sites and are often the solution to hot, south facing aspects.

For a cascade of colour look for Aubrieta, Campanula or Lithodora. They will trail over the edges of walls, raised beds or planters. If you are looking for a carpet effect then Pratia, Sagina and Oxalis will all give a dense covering over your rockery. Saxifraga, Phlox and Dianthus provide those little upright explosions of colour and lend themselves well to containers too. From Ajuga to Zaluzianskya, February to September, we have an extensive range of Alpines to choose from.