Wild Bird Care & Pets

Birds are an important part of the garden eco-system and will help to keep pests like snails and caterpillars at bay.  It can be rewarding watching birds come to feed in your garden and you will be amazed at how many species come if you put out good quality food. 

We stock a good selection of the most popular types of bird food, such as sunflower hearts, peanuts, wild bird seed and songbird mix, as well as fat balls & suet bird feeders.  All available in small and bulk bag sizes. We also sell bird feeders, bird tables, bird baths and bird houses.

Bird Seed

Fat Balls

Bird Feeders

Bird Houses


If you have furry friends at home like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbils, we stock the following straw, hay and wood shaving bed packs. 

Extra Select Compressed Meadow Hay is an un-chopped, dust-extracted blend of grasses, naturally grown on chemical-free pastures.

Extra Select Compressed Barley Straw a bag of compressed straw ideal for use as bedding for small animals.

Extra Select Shavings Comp Bale a bag of compressed shavings, ideal for use as small animal bedding.