Wild Bird Care & Pets

Birds are an important part of the garden ecosystem, and they even help keep pests like snails and caterpillars at bay. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a tiny patio it can be rewarding watching birds come to feed in your outdoor space, and you’ll be amazed by how many species arrive if you put out good quality food.

We stock a large selection of bird food, such as sunflower hearts, peanuts, wild bird seed mix, and songbird mix. And we carry fat balls and suet bird feeders to attract a wider variety of birds to your garden. All of these options are available in small and bulk bag sizes.

We also sell wild bird feeders and houses, along with bird tables and bird baths, to make your garden an attractive environment for birds seeking food, water, and shelter.

Bird Seed

Providing your feathered friends with wild bird food can help them survive tough conditions. However, the type of seed you put out will affect the types of birds that are able to use your garden as a food source. You can choose from specific seeds, such as sunflower seeds, or go with a seed mix to attract multiple species.   

Fat Balls

In addition to seeds, fat balls can also attract a variety of birds, such as robins and tits, to your garden. This type of food is a combination of suet and seeds, and you can set it up in a wild bird fat ball feeder. 

Bird Feeders

Our wide selection of products will help you make your garden a place where wild birds can enjoy a feast every day. Choose from feeders that are designed for holding seeds, or add suet fat ball feeders to your yard. 

Bird Houses

Bird houses and nesting boxes can entice birds to come to your garden to make their home there. Different types of nesting boxes can attract certain species to your garden. We have an assortment of bird houses for sale, and we can help you select the right one for the types of birds you want to attract. 

Wild Bird Food

extra select wild bird food sold at carpenters nursery garden centre

Mealworm Feeder

extra select wild bird mealworm feeder sold at carpenters nursery garden centre

Nesting Box

extra select multi-purpose nesting box sold at carpenters nursery garden centre


If you have furry friends at home, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils, you’ll need supplies like straw, hay, and wood shaving bed packs. We sell the highest quality products to ensure your pets will have everything they need.

Examples of the items we carry include:

  • Extra Select Compressed Meadow Hay - An un-chopped, dust-extracted blend of grasses that are naturally grown on chemical-free pastures.
  • Extra Select Compressed Barley Straw - A bag of compressed straw that’s ideal for use as bedding for small animals.
  • Extra Select Shavings Comp Bale - A bag of compressed shavings that’s ideal for use as small animal bedding.