If you are looking to soften and add texture to a wall or fence, create a screen or leafy arches and walkways then climbing plants are the perfect choice.  There are hundreds of varieties available from flowering Clematis and Honeysuckles to evergreen Jasmine and Ivy.  There is a climbing plant for every season, ensuring colour all year round.

Once trained against fences or walls they can give height and colour without encroaching into the garden too much and thus losing ground space. They also love to ramble over gazebos and pergolas to create a naturally shadier environment from the summer sun.

At Carpenter’s garden centre in St Albans, we stock a great range of Clematis (Raymond Evison patio Clematis are outstanding), Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Solanum, Wisteria, Pyracantha and Everlasting Sweet Pea to name a few. However not forgetting the best climber of all, Trachelospermum Jasminoide. Often called the Star Jasmine, this climber is not only evergreen, but the foliage turns red in the winter (but does not drop) and produces a mass of beautifully fragrant flowers throughout summer.

There is a climber for ever garden, and we can also provide trellis, obelisks, ties and all appropriate accessories needed to get your plant off to the best start.