Fruit Trees & Fruit Bushes

Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Greengages

We offer a good choice of fruit trees from early February onwards.  Ideally, these should be planted before the spring whilst they are still dormant.  Some fruit trees can take some years to get established, but most start to bear fruit in some shape or form after the first year or two.  The trees we sell are grafted on to the following root stock- M27- Dwarf (height 6-8’) & M26 (height 8-10’)

Apple Trees

Plum Trees

Pear Trees

Cherry Trees

Raspberries, Loganberries, Gooseberries, Tayberries, Blackcurrants

Bare-root stock fruit bushes are available in the Autumn (late September) and potted bushes arrive early spring (early Feb).  The bare root plants come in a pot and are generally planted whilst they are dormant.  Raspberry ‘canes’ usually come five to a pot. 

Fruit bushes will produce an abundance of fruit even in the first year.  Most grow best when planted directly into the ground but can be grown in large containers.  Make sure to put up some netting around bushes once they start to show fruit to prevent the fruits of your labours being devoured by the birds.





Strawberry Plants & Rhubarb Crowns

Strawberry plants can be purchased from April onwards, care should be taken if planting early as they don’t tolerate frosts or too much cold weather.  They can be grown in pots and containers and even work well in hanging baskets. Its important to keep the fruit off the ground so use mulch mats when planting or put straw down around the plants once they start to show fruit.  Try to cover with netting to protect from birds and mice.

Rhubarb plants or ‘crowns’ are usually available from February onwards and should be planted early.  The plants will die back late autumn once they experience some frosts.  Leave the foliage to die back and cover with straw around Christmas time to protect from the worst of the cold weather.  This will also help to produce early shoots in spring.