Christmas Trees

Come and visit us for the best choice of Christmas trees in St Albans, Harpenden & Welwyn.  We have trees available in all different shapes and sizes ranging from 2ft-10ft (0.5- 3m) tall.  Whether you’re looking for a tree that doesn't drop its needles (Nordman Fir), a potted living tree that can be planted in the garden afterwards, or a traditional Norway spruce Christmas tree-  with a huge selection, we’ll have the perfect tree for you!

Potted & Cut Trees

potted christmas trees at carpenters nursery garden centre

Locally Grown Christmas Trees

Nordman fir Christmas trees

Nothing quite encapsulates the smell of Christmas like a freshly cut Christmas tree in your home. With the majority of our Christmas trees grown sustainably in Hertfordshire, we guarantee that our Christmas trees are the freshest in the area.

Need assistance picking a tree? Our friendly team are on hand to help you find your perfect tree.  Once you've found it, we will net it and load it in your car if you require. It's all part of the service! 

We also offer a selection of Christmas tree decorations, lights and stands as well as wreaths and holly.

Come visit us today and give your home that lovely festive feel!

We can also deliver Christmas Trees to customers located with 2.5m of our site.

The Norway Spruce (Traditional Christmas tree)

The classic Christmas tree with a lovely pine forest fragrance, available as a cut tree or pot-grown which can be planted in the garden afterwards. Cut trees not renowned for needle retaining qualities (especially if you like the thermostat turned up) it is advisable not to bring them inside too early.  Bringing inside from the 15th Dec should ensure that it doesn’t drop too much.

The Nordmann Fir (Non-drop Christmas tree)

Now the most popular Christmas tree, these trees are great at keeping their needles which are longer and thicker than the traditional Norway Spruce. They will be fine indoors for 3-4 weeks if cared for properly so the best choice if you’ve got little ones who can’t wait for Christmas to begin! Although not hugely fragrant, they do still have a slight aroma to give your home that festive feel. Depending on how they are grown, they can be quite broad and bushy at the base so make a great impact in a large room.