Vegetable & Herb Plants


At Carpenter's garden centre in St Albans, our selection of herb plants is sure to satisfy the keenest herbalist. From February onwards our extensive 9cm pot selection includes all the everyday culinary herbs such as mint, chives, rosemary, sage and thyme as well as the more unusual chamomile, woodruff, and feverfew to name a few. As we progress through the season we offer herbs in larger 1ltr pots which are ‘ready to crop’ so ideal for beginner gardeners or the more impatient.  Multi-buy deals are available when you purchase 3 or more so you can save money when planting out a herb garden. 

Herb plants are easy to grow and can be included in any vegetable or ornamental garden. They grow well in borders, pots and containers.  We have a wide range of herb plants available from March- October, including all the popular culinary herbs such as mint, rosemary, basil, sage and chives as well as the more unusual cosmetic & medicinal varieties such as chamomile, lovage, sorrel and lemon balm.

Most herbs are hardy and come back each year (exceptions being soft herbs like basil, coriander and lemon grass).  Our herb plants are usually available to purchase at discounted prices when you buy 3 or more.

If you are planning to create your own herb garden, we also sell a range of troughs and planters in different shapes and sizes.

All our herb plants have been grown in the UK in reduced-peat compost.

Culinary Herbs

culinary herbs - thyme, rosemary, sage


chives growing in a field


fresh mint growing

Vegetable plants

There is nothing better than sitting down to the table to eat fruit and vegetables you have grown with your own hands. At Carpenter’s we stock the best range of vegetable plants of any garden centre in St Albans, offering a wide variety of plants for your garden, balcony or allotment.  you'll find all the popular varieties of tomato plants, cucumbers, courgettes, lettuce, beans and more. With all the potted plants grown by ourselves on-site.

Most vegetable plants are easy to grow and thrive in our mild climate.  If you have space for a greenhouse or tunnel you can plant and harvest vegetables throughout the year.

Vegetable plants are available to purchase from early April to the end of June, with winter veg plants on sale until the end of July.  

Tomato Plants

tomato plants growing in a pot


fresh broccoli growing


fresh cucumber growing