Hearty Winter Soup Recipe

After a wet and mild start to the winter temperatures are finally starting to drop. With the cold days and nights drawing us inside, warm, hearty food is the order of the day and for us Brits household stews and soups are the food of choice as they are easy to make, warming and can be easily reheated for those times when we would rather be curled up in front of a nice fire rather than in the kitchen cooking!

So today we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite winter soups and the recipes.  If you’re missing any ingredients call into our Farm Shop and grab some fresh produce.  Alternatively, you can order them through our online shop.

French Onion soup


5- Onions

A slab of butter

Beef Stock


White Wine (Optional)

Garlic (Optional)

You really can’t go far wrong with this. The ingredients are incredibly simple and the recipe takes very little time to prepare. We’d recommend using a nice strong flavoured onion for the best flavour but you can use any onions really.

To make this simply fry the onions gently in the butter and add the sugar. Caramelise the onions nicely then add the garlic. Once you’ve got the onions nice and soft but slightly caramelised add the white wine and stock. Don’t poor it all in at once but add in stages to help keep the onions nice and soft. Quick and easy – serve with some nice crusty bread and a nice strong dry cheese!

Leek and Potato Soup


4- Large Potatoes

4- Large Leeks

1- Large Onion

3-4 Pints of Vegetable Stock

1- Pint of Milk

Possibly the most popular soup for the cold winter months and a nice and easy one to make. Simply slice up the onion, potatoes and leeks and gently sweat them in some butter or oil. Then add the stock and the milk and leave to simmer for 25 minutes. This will be enough time for all the veg to get nice and soft so you can blend it. Then reheat and serve.

Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup


1- Butternut Squash

4- Carrots

1- Onion

3- Cloves of Garlic

3-4 Pints Vegetable Stock

1-2 Chillies (Optional)

Paprika (Optional

This is one of our favourite winter soups as there’s something really nice and creamy about this combination of vegetables. The flavours are intense and cut through the cold. It’s a simple recipe just dice up the vegetables and throw them in some stock. Leave to simmer for an hour and serve with some crème fraiche!

Spicy Variant: This is really nice with a little extra kick to really warm you up. To make this version chop up two chilies and sauté the vegetables with the chilies. Then add the stock and simmer as normal – adding some paprika and a little chilli powder until you get the right level of heat for you.