Potted Spring Bulbs

tulips, muscari, hyacinths, narcissus, daffodilsPotted Bulbs

Bulbs are an iconic site in early spring. From early snowdrops to long belts of daffodils and sprinklings of tulips, there are lots of lovely bulbs out there to brighten up your garden. But in case you’re wondering what on earth we are blathering on about, given the time to plant bulbs is long past… fear not!

If you missed the window of opportunity to plant bulbs last autumn, all is not lost. Here at Carpenter’s Nursery, you’ll find a great selection of potted bulbs. We plant them in the autumn, so by now, they are ready to be shipped off to homes in the area.

Many spring bulbs can be grown in pots with a little bit of extra care. We only plant the best specimens, so put some in a large container or transplant them into the beds. It’s an easy way to create some instant colour in your garden when you haven’t got any bulbs in the ground – or yours fail to grow. When you buy bulbs in pots, you are guaranteed at least one season’s worth of flowering time. Unlike bulbs planted in the ground in autumn, which might not appear in the spring.

Pick the Perfect Bulb

Choose from a large selection, including daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, muscari, alliums, scilla, and more. Because these bulbs are ready to bloom, you can plan the perfect flower display without worrying about gaps.

The Best Place to Plant Bulbs

Think about where each variety will best suit the growing conditions. For example, snowdrops and bluebells like shady areas, which is why they are often found under trees in woodlands. Pop them in the ground under a deciduous tree or next to larger shrubs. They’ll love all the rotted down leaves and rich soil.

Other bulbs, like daffodils and tulips, prefer bright, sunny areas. They also prefer well-drained soil.

Colour Schemes

Think about your colour choices when planting daffodils. Because they are such a bright yellow, they look great when planted between blue flowering plants, like forget-me-knots. They will also work well with blue scilla or purple alliums.

Tulips come in a huge variety of colours. Again, plan ahead and design a suitable colour scheme for your garden. Deep purple tulips look lovely against a yellow-green backdrop, as do red tulips. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a vibrant show of spring colour.

Container planting is perfect for bulbs. Pop a mixture of our bulbs into containers and then arrange them on your patio or make them the centrepiece of a larger display, complete with bedding plants and evergreen ivy.

Kitchen Window Potted Bulbs

Smaller varieties of potted bulbs look pretty when grown on the kitchen windowsill. Who can resist a fragrant hyacinth or crocus? Don’t forget, they also make nice gifts if you are stuck for something to buy a loved in, for their birthday or another special event.

You don’t need to keep your potted bulb in the pot it came in – buy a larger ceramic pot or decorate a clay pot with paint. Nothing says “I care” more than a personalised gift!

If you need any advice about growing potted bulbs, just ask one of the team. We’re always happy to help!