Take care of your pond in summer

Having a pond in your garden is a joy! It provides a habitat for wildlife, and the calming sound of water creates a refreshing escape, especially during the hot summer. But to keep your pond looking and functioning its best, some maintenance is necessary. Summer is actually the perfect time to tackle this, as you won't risk harming any new offspring from spring breeders. Let's dive into how to keep your pond thriving throughout the summer.

removing leaves from a pond

Pond maintenance tips for summer

  • Keep your pond sparkling by regularly removing dead leaves! This includes leaves from your pond plants and any that have blown in from around. Leaving them to decompose raises the water's nitrogen levels, which fuels algae growth. Plus, decaying matter builds up as sediment, making your pond smelly. A little cleanup goes a long way for a healthy, pleasant pond!

  • When cleaning your pond, give the little creatures a chance! Leave removed vegetation by the water's edge for a day so they can crawl out to safety.

  • During hot weather, your pond might get thirsty! Check the water level regularly and top it up if needed. If rain isn't available, tap water works too. Just be sure to let it sit in an open container for 24 hours. This allows chlorine and other chemicals to evaporate, making it safer for your pond life.

  • Uncontrolled pond weeds like blanket weed and duckweed can smother your pond. But fear not, keeping them in check is manageable! Blanket Weed: This algae is easy to remove by hand or by carefully twirling it around a stick. Be sure to remove it from the pond completely to prevent regrowth. Duckweed: A small amount of duckweed is actually beneficial, providing food for wildlife and shelter for tadpoles. However, it can multiply quickly. To control it, use a net to skim it from the surface and remove it from the pond after a few hours. Leaving it on the side allows any hitchhiking insects to escape back into the water. By following these simple steps, you can maintain a healthy balance and keep your pond looking its best!

Remove duckweed from pond

  • Hornwort and other oxygenating plants are pond heroes, but they can get a little too enthusiastic sometimes! If they cover more than a third of the pond's surface, it's time to trim them back.

  • Don't forget your pond margin! Just like your borders, marginal plants benefit from weeding in summer. This is the perfect time to remove unwanted seedlings.

  • Many animals rely on ponds for water, especially in the hot summer months. To help them stay safe, ensure ramps are readily available and in good condition. A simple DIY option is a wooden board covered in chicken wire, providing a secure, non-slip surface for hedgehogs and other small creatures. Additionally, placing a few rocks in shallow areas creates resting spots for insects and wildlife to access water safely.

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