8 top tips for a Mediterranean garden

Forget expensive flights! Breathe in the fresh scent of lavender and bask in the warm sun – a Mediterranean garden is easier to achieve than you think. Here's your guide to transforming your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

  1. Give your plants the perfect base! Unlike clay-loving veggies, most Mediterranean beauties thrive in well-drained soil. Luckily, there are easy solutions. You can enrich your existing soil with plenty of organic matter like well-rotted manure to help it drain better.  If your garden is heavy clay, fear not! Terracotta pots and urns become stylish planters, letting you enjoy iconic lavender and other sunshine-seekers even in clay soil.

  2. Imagine sun-drenched paths and inviting seating areas! Gravel or paved courtyards are perfect for capturing the Mediterranean vibe. For a gravel area, start by clearing the ground and laying a weed membrane to prevent unwanted growth. Then, choose your gravel! Opt for larger pebbles (10-20mm) for well-traveled paths and finer grades (6-8mm) around your plants for a softer feel. Planting is simple: cut an X in the weed membrane, fold back the flaps, dig a hole, plant your treasure, fill it with soil, and gently tuck the membrane back around the base.
  3. Evergreens are the backbone of your Mediterranean garden! These beauties provide year-round structure and pops of color. Tall and slender Irish yew (Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata') adds drama to borders or pathways. Soft, rounded topiary balls made from yew or bay trees create a classic welcome flanking your entrance. For a whimsical touch, pot lollipop-shaped bay trees and instantly add a dose of Mediterranean charm.
  4. Turn your walkways into fragrant pathways! Plant sun-kissed Mediterranean shrubs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Their delightful bursts of aroma will greet you as you stroll by, and fill your seating areas with perfume, creating a fragrant oasis on warm days.

    8 top tips for a Mediterranean garden
  5. Bring on the blooms! Brightly colored pelargoniums cascading from terracotta pots are a Mediterranean must-have. Don't forget scented varieties for an extra sensory treat! Add even more color by filling beds with sun-loving favorites like vibrant salvia, rock rose, and catmint.
  6. Fresh herbs are like sunshine for your food – and your garden! Chives, basil, mint, marjoram, sage, and parsley add a taste of the Mediterranean to any dish. Plus, they look gorgeous in pots or an herb bed. (Just a heads-up: keep mint in a pot, or it'll take over your entire garden!)
  7. Imagine sharing laughter and sunshine with loved ones under a flower-draped pergola! This classic Mediterranean feature creates a shaded haven for your outdoor seating area. Climbing plants like passionflower, star jasmine, or climbing roses add a touch of beauty and fragrance, making it the perfect spot for unforgettable gatherings.

    8 top tips for a Mediterranean garden
  8. Complete your Mediterranean haven with furniture that reflects the style! Wooden or wrought iron chairs and tables are perfect choices. Not only do they complement the theme beautifully, but they'll also weather the years with grace, ensuring countless evenings spent soaking up the sunshine.

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