3 Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Feed & Weed & Moss KillerIn this blog post, we’re going to discuss 3 lawn care tips. Read on to learn more about weeding, feeding, and taking care of your lawn before summer arrives. And if you need any lawn care products, we’re here to help!

The weather at the moment is rather typical for the time of year. After a  couple of weeks of gorgeous sunshine, the rain has returned with a vengeance. Whilst rain probably isn’t much fun if you’re stuck at home during the lockdown, it’s wonderful for the garden.

This is the time of year when everything grows ridiculously fast, including your lawn. In the blink of an eye, lawns go from short and brown to lush and a foot high. You literally wake up one morning and the back garden looks more like a hay meadow than a cricket pitch. It may be a feast if you have bunnies, but the lawnmower will struggle.

Mowing the Lawn

Because grass grows so fast this time of year, it needs a lot of care and attention. One advantage of allowing a lawn to grow lush and long is that it makes it harder for weeds to flourish. However, it’s best to keep the grass at a manageable height, or you won’t be able to use a standard lawnmower. Long grass also makes it harder to pick up after a dog (if you have one). Mowing the grass regularly keeps it in good condition but be careful not to have your blade set too low, as a scalped lawn encourages weeds to grow.

When a lawn isn’t looking so fantastic, it will benefit from a feed. Lawn treatments contain fertiliser. They are best applied in early spring, but you still have a bit of time to get the job done. Read the instructions carefully and apply when the lawn is damp or rain is due.

Treating Weeds

Weeds usually take root in bare patches, such as dead areas where the dog pees or the kids play football. Large weeds can be pulled out by hand, but it’s important to remove the entire root system. If your grass is full of dandelions and other pesky garden weeds, look for a weed treatment that’s suitable for lawns. Some come in granular form and others are designed to be diluted in a watering can. Weed and feed formulas kill two birds with one stone, by eliminating weeds and fertilising the grass at the same time. Be careful not to use an all-purpose weed killer, or you will end up with no grass. Ask us for advice if you’re not sure what treatment to buy.

Fixing a Moss Problem

Moss can be a problem in shady areas, such as under trees, or following a long drought, but even in good conditions, most gardeners have to deal with moss eventually. Rake out moss or hire a mechanical scarifier. Alternatively, look for a weed and feed treatment that targets moss too. As a side note, chickens are excellent scarifiers. Let some backyard chickens roam for a few hours and you won’t have any moss left. They’ll also fertilise your garden!

Finally, if you have a few sparse areas, rake the surface and sprinkle some grass seed. Cover the area with a net if you have a lot of garden birds.