Top 5 drought tolerant plants

Embrace a low-maintenance, eco-friendly garden with these top 5 drought-resistant picks! These beauties thrive in dry weather and scorching summers, needing far less water than traditional plants. This means you can conserve your precious rainwater for thirstier options.

northern evening primrose

1. Agapanthus (Lily of the nile)

A standout and versatile plant, the Agapanthus thrives in both containers and garden borders. Offering a variety of options, 'Fireworks' is a favorite for its stunning display of lilac and white blooms resembling fireworks atop its tall, strong stem. While they appreciate regular watering when young, established Agapanthus become more drought-tolerant. 

2. Eryngium (Mediterranean Sea holly) 

Showstopping spiky lilac blooms boast beautiful blueish bracts that frame tiny, cone-shaped flowers. This drought-tolerant beauty thrives in sunny gardens and adds a touch of drama with minimal watering needs. It even makes a stunning addition to cut flower arrangements!


3. Oenothera (Gaura)

Blooming from midsummer to autumn, often in areas where little else thrives, the white and pinkish flowers of Oenothera gracefully sway in the breeze. Thriving in full sun and well-drained soil, it adds a whimsical touch to any garden, especially when planted among grasses and other drought-tolerant perennials.

4. Mangave

A stunning hybrid of Agave and Manfreda, Mangave boasts vibrantly patterned leaves. Look for varieties like 'Inkblot,' where inky splotches dance across the foliage. These low-maintenance plants thrive in well-draining soil and require minimal watering.

5. Delosperma (Hardy ice plant) 

This low-maintenance, drought-resistant succulent thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.  Delosperma cooperi, a low-growing groundcover, is perfect for containers or borders and requires minimal watering.


But that's not all! Many other plants flourish in dry conditions. Check the label when buying any plant to see its watering needs. Here are some drought-tolerant stars: Erigeron with its cheerful blooms, Verbena bonariensis with its sky-reaching stems, Liriope with its evergreen tufts, and Nepeta, a haven for pollinators.

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