How to Use Dried Lavender from Your Garden

cutting wild lavender

Lavender has numerous health benefits as well as being known to soothe emotions and promote restful sleep. Dried lavender is a practical product that can be used for healing baths, making the home smell good, and reducing stress by boosting positive feelings. If you have picked up a lavender plant from our perennials range, here are some uses for dried lavender to try at home.

Spread Dried Lavender on Carpets

A dash of dried lavender on your carpets just before you vacuum them will make your home smell fresher. Both the natural aroma and the additional perfume released as the vacuum cleaner goes over the buds will make your home smell lovely. Lavender is well-known for its ability to treat depression, so give your mood a lift while you clean.

Oil Infused with Lavender

Lavender-infused oil is calming and relaxing. It is useful to take the sting and itch out of bug bites and to ease the pain of burns. This oil can also be used to moisturise dry, scaly skin. A teaspoon in your bath water will relax you and decrease stress.

You can make lavender-infused oil as follows:

  • Place dried lavender sachet bud in a small jar.
  • Select your base oil - sweet almond and olive oil are all good choices.
  • Cover the lavender with the base oil.
  • Label the jar with the day’s date.
  • Allow it to steep for four weeks.
  • Shake the jar occasionally. You can remind yourself to do this by placing the jar somewhere you will see it.
  • After four weeks, strain out the buds of lavender.
  • Your lavender oil is ready for use.

Lavender Bath Salts

Get all the benefits of lavender by bathing daily with lavender bath salts. This will relax muscles, ease pain from tension or overuse, reduce stress, and settle your mind. Lavender bath salts can be made at home, as follows:

  • Place a quarter of a cup of dried lavender in a jar.
  • Add one cup of Epsom salt and mix.
  • Add a few drops of essential lavender oil.
  • Shake the jar well.
  • There is no waiting period; you can sprinkle the lavender bath salts into your bath water the moment it has been made.

Insect Repellent  

Do you remember the awful smell of mothballs that older generations used to put inside their cupboards and drawers to stop fish moths from eating holes in their clothing? Nowadays we have the option of fragrant sachets to keep cloths from smelling musty or being damaged. A lavender sachet will leave a lingering scent on your clothing. This will help you to feel uplifted all day. At the same time, you know it is keeping insects away from your things.

Arts and Crafts

Dried lavender has multiple uses in arts and crafts. You can plan the theme of a wedding around lavender. Some items that are fun and easy to make are wreaths, decorative candles, and table decorations.

Air Freshener for your Car

A lavender sachet makes a great air freshener for your car. No preparation is required. Simply place a lavender sachet somewhere inside your car. You will be greeted by the fresh scent of lavender every time you open your car door and soak in the aroma while you drive.  

Try one of these projects and let us know how well it works!