6 Top Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Summer fun takes its toll, leaving your lawn looking a little worse for wear. But fear not! Autumn is prime time to revive your tired grass and ensure a vibrant green carpet come springtime. Here are six simple autumn lawn care tips to get your lawn looking its best:

A pile of leaves on a lawn in autumn

1. Give Your Lawn A Final Haircut Before Winter Arrives

Aim for a slightly higher cutting height of around 5-7cm (2-2.5 inches). This longer length allows the grass blades to:

  • Soak up the autumn sun: Extra sunlight helps your lawn store energy for the colder months ahead.
  • Build strength for winter: A longer blade promotes healthier growth and better resilience against winter stress.

2. Unsure If Your Lawn Nees Scarifying

Time for a close-up! Get on your hands and knees and examine the grass roots:

  • Healthy and Thriving? If you see soil between the blades, scarifying isn't necessary.
  • Buried in Thatch? If a thick layer of dead grass (thatch) surrounds the roots, scarifying is recommended.

Scarifying Solutions

  • Manual Method: Use a spring tine rake and firmly rake over the lawn to remove moss and thatch.
  • For Larger Areas: Consider renting a mechanical scarifier to save time and effort.

Scarifying allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots, promoting a healthier lawn come spring.

3. Give Your Lawn Some Breathing Room!

Aeration is like a deep breath for your grass, especially after summer's wear and tear. Here's how to do it:

Small Lawns

  • Fork it Over: Use a garden fork and push the tines in as deep as they go. Gently lean on the handle to slightly lift the soil, then remove the fork and repeat at regular intervals across the lawn.
  • Simple & Effective: This manual method is perfect for smaller areas.

Large Lawns

  • Mechanical Marvel: Consider renting a mechanical aerator for larger lawns. It saves time and effort.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Breaks Up Compaction: Aeration loosens compacted soil, allowing air and water to reach the roots more easily.
  • Boosts Oxygen Flow: Increased oxygen promotes stronger root growth.
  • Drainage Champion: Improved drainage helps prevent waterlogging and promotes healthy turf.
  • Weed & Moss Fighter: A healthy lawn is better equipped to compete against weeds and moss.

Aerating the lawn with an aerator

4. Top It Off For A Healthier Lawn

Top dressing is like a vitamin boost for your grass. Here's how to apply it:

  • Spread it Thin: Apply a light layer of top dressing at a time. It's easier to manage and prevents smothering the grass.
  • Work it In: Use a soft broom or rubber rake to spread the dressing evenly and work it into the holes created by aeration. This ensures it reaches the roots where it's most beneficial.
  • Double Duty: Top dressing improves drainage and soil structure, while also filling in small dips for a more level lawn.

Tip:  Multiple light applications are better than a single, heavy one.

5. Fill In The Gaps

Overseeding bare patches is a great way to achieve a thicker, more lush lawn. Here's how:

  • Seed Selection: Choose an overseeding mix suitable for your climate and existing grass type.
  • Sowing Strategies: You can overseed by hand or use a lawn seed spreader for larger areas.
  • Double Coverage: For even seed distribution, sow in two passes:
    First pass - Spread the seeds in one direction across the bare patch.
    Second pass - Sow again at a right angle to the first pass, ensuring all areas are covered.

This crisscross technique helps guarantee a full and healthy lawn come spring.

6. Autumner Feast For A Helathy Lawn

Unlike summer fertilizers that focus on rapid growth, autumn feeds are all about strengthening your grass for winter. They're packed with potassium, a mineral that acts like a shield:

  • Hardens the Blades: Potassium helps stiffen grass blades, making them more resistant to winter stress and harsh weather.
  • Boosts Winter Defense: A stronger lawn is better equipped to deal with cold temperatures and potential diseases.

Skip the summer formula and choose an autumn fertilizer specifically designed to fortify your lawn before winter arrives.

Restore Your Lawn For Spring

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