Autumn plants to brighten your garden

Autumn plants to brighten your garden

Autumn is a beautiful season with a unique color palette, and there are several plants that can add vibrant hues to your garden during this time. Here are some autumn plants that can brighten up your garden:

Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Mums are classic fall flowers available in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, and purple. They're hardy and can withstand cooler temperatures.

Autumn Joy Sedum (Hylotelephium 'Herbstfreude')

This perennial succulent produces large flower heads that start off pink and gradually turn a deep rusty red as the season progresses.


Pansies are known for their charming, cheerful faces and come in a variety of colors. They're hardy and can tolerate cooler temperatures, making them ideal for fall.

Japanese Maples

These trees offer stunning foliage, with leaves that can turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow during the autumn months. There are various cultivars to choose from, each with its unique leaf shape and color.


Asters produce daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, purple, and blue. They bloom in late summer and continue into the fall, attracting butterflies with their nectar-rich blooms.

Goldenrod (Solidago)

Despite its reputation for causing allergies (it's often wrongly blamed for hay fever, which is actually caused by ragweed), goldenrod is a beautiful fall-blooming plant with bright yellow flower spikes.

Ornamental Grasses

Grasses like Miscanthus, Panicum, and Pennisetum can add texture and movement to your garden in the fall. Their plumes and seed heads can provide interest well into the winter.


These bright and cheerful annuals come in shades of orange and yellow. They're not only attractive but also edible and have medicinal properties.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Known for their colorful foliage, Heuchera plants offer a range of hues, including red, purple, and bronze. They provide a beautiful contrast to other fall flowers.

Helenium (Sneezeweed)

Helenium produces daisy-like flowers in warm tones of red, orange, and yellow. They're excellent for attracting pollinators to your garden.

Chrysanthemums in autumn pots and containers

Top 5 evergreen berry bushes for terrace and balcony

  1. Skimmia
  2. Gaultheria
  3. Dwarf Buford Holly
  4. Foxberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)
  5. Pernettya

Beautiful combinations for a pot or container

Combine the above-mentioned top picks from our garden centre's assortment with bushes, plants and ornamental grasses with wintergreen, variegated or beautifully changing autumn leaves. Such as:

  • Wintergreen dwarf conifers
  • Trailing, wintergreen ivy
  • Small ornamental grasses, like bronze sedge (Carex), black Japanese snake grass, feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) and blue sheep's fescue
  • Leucothoe, a bush with deep red-green leaves that turn even redder in autumn
  • Heuchera has beautiful leaves in a wide range of colours, from lime green or caramel to almost black. In mild winters, the leaves stay fresh on the plant
  • Ornamental cabbages come with smooth or frilled leaves in various shades, with green, white, or pink dominating
  • The silver bush (Calocephalus brownii) with quirky, silvery-grey branches that almost glow in the dark

Heather and hedera for autumn pots and containers

Practical tips for planting and potting

When planning your autumn garden, consider the specific growing conditions in your area, such as sunlight and soil type, to ensure the success of these plants. Additionally, a well-designed garden might include a mix of perennials, annuals, and ornamental grasses for a diverse and visually appealing landscape.