15 Gardening tips for March

Spring is springing!  March brings warmer days and the promise of a blooming garden. This month's guide is your companion on your gardening journey. We'll cover essential tasks – from nurturing your soil to sowing new life. With each tip, you'll be one step closer to a thriving outdoor haven. Ready to see your garden explode with life? Here are 15 March tips to make it happen!

planning and preparing for spring, a book and plants on a table indoors

1.    Plan Your Paradise: Order seeds, bulbs, and plants to get a jump on the growing season.
2.    Know Your Soil: Test your soil's pH to choose the right fertilizers and amendments for happy plants.
3.    Prune for Plenty: Trim fruit trees before new growth for better air circulation and a fruitful harvest.
4.    Start Early Indoors: Sow seeds like tomatoes and flowers indoors for a head start on the season.
5.    Shield from Frost: Protect tender plants from surprise frosts with cloches or horticultural fleece.
6.    Mulch Magic: Apply mulch to your flower beds to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and regulate temperature.
7.    Shape Your Shrubs: Prune late-flowering shrubs like hydrangeas for a neater look and better growth.
8.    Divide and Conquer: Rejuvenate overgrown perennials by dividing and transplanting them for more blooms.
9.    Sharpen Your Skills: Clean and sharpen your gardening tools for a smoother and safer experience.
10.    Plant Power Couples: Research companion planting to pair beneficial plants together for healthier growth.
11.    Compost Creation: Start or maintain a compost pile using kitchen scraps and garden waste to create nutrient-rich fertilizer for your soil.
12.    Strong Structures: Inspect and repair trellises, stakes, and other garden structures to support your plants.
13.    Feathered Friends: Attract beautiful birds to your garden by setting up bird feeders and baths.
14.    Pest Patrol: Be vigilant for pests and take early action to keep your garden healthy.
15.    Grow Your Knowledge: Use the downtime to learn new gardening techniques, explore plant varieties, or discover sustainable practices through workshops, books, or online resources.

Embrace the joy of March gardening! With a little planning and care your outdoor haven will soon be bursting with life. Happy gardening!