How to get the best from spring plants

Spring breathes life back into your garden, bringing a wave of cheerful colour after winter's slumber. To maximize this vibrant season, here's how to nurture your spring plants and enjoy their full potential before summer flowers arrive. This guide offers practical tips, allowing you to focus on the true joy of spring: witnessing the reawakening of your garden and basking in the beauty of the blooms you've patiently awaited.

Mixing Up Your Planting

Who says limited space means limited blooms? Create a vibrant display on your patio by mixing spring plants in containers! It's a fantastic way to save space and maximize colour. Layer your blooms by planting bulbs such as tulips in the centre for height. Fill the surrounding space with spring perennials or annuals like primroses, creating a cheerful border.Think about colour coordination and choose complementary colours for a cohesive look. For instance, pair vibrant tulips with delicate primroses, or hyacinths with cheerful pansies.

These are just a few ideas – the possibilities are endless! Experiment and find combinations that reflect your unique style.

spring plants in baskets

Put Them In Pride Of Place 

Maximize Spring's Show:

If your garden or patio feels bare right now, capitalize on the beauty of your containerized spring plants! Move them to high-traffic areas like entrances or patios where you'll enjoy their colourful display.

Seasonal spotlight:

Once the spring flowers have finished their show, simply relocate them to a less prominent spot to make way for summer blooms. Let the next floral stars take center stage!

Planting for admiration:

Whether using containers or borders, remember to position your spring plants strategically. Choose locations where you'll be able to fully appreciate their vibrant colors and delicate forms throughout the season.

Using your lawn

Spring's not just about borders and containers! Use your entire garden, including your lawn, to create a vibrant spring display. Liven up your lawn with a burst of colour! Plant spring bulbs like crocuses using a bulb planter. Simply push the planter into the soil, drop in the bulbs, and replace the turf. Come spring, your lawn will be a delightful tapestry of blooms. Once the bulbs finish flowering, you can safely resume mowing your lawn at the recommended spring height.

Remember to leave some areas with slightly longer grass; this creates a haven for wildlife like hedgehogs and pollinators.

lawn spring plants

Grow Early And Late Varieties 

Extend the spring magic in your garden with a clever planting strategy! Here's how:

Extend the bloom time:

Most spring bulbs come in early and late-flowering options. By planting a mix, you'll enjoy a longer display of vibrant colors throughout the spring months. Imagine carpets of crocuses giving way to elegant tulips, creating a continuous floral spectacle.

Spring shrubs for all seasons:

The same principle applies to spring shrubs. Choose varieties that flower at different times, from late winter/early spring to early summer. This ensures your garden remains a captivating display of color from the very first blossoms to the warm days of early summer.

Visit us to make the most of your spring garden: We have a wide range of plants, including early and late bloomers, to help you create a stunning and long-lasting spring display!