Zero Waste Shopping at Carpenter’s Nursery Farm Shop

jars of food on display

Going zero waste when shopping can seem daunting at first, but it’s easier than you may think. By choosing to refill and reuse, you reduce unnecessary plastic waste and do your part for the environment.

Carpenter’s Farm Shop makes it easy to go zero waste with our extensive refill area offering quality sustainable products.

Why Use Our Refill Area?

Firstly, it cuts down on single-use plastic since you reuse the same bottles. Plastic pollution is a massive issue, with millions of tons ending up in landfills and oceans every year. Opting for refills means less plastic is manufactured and disposed of unnecessarily. 

Many zero waste refill options also use natural, biodegradable ingredients. Conventional cleaners and detergents often contain harsh chemicals that get washed down the drain, polluting waterways. Greener refill products use plant-based ingredients that break down safely without harming ecosystems.

As well as a huge range of dried goods like cereals, grains, spices, oils and other pantry essentials, we also stock some fabulous refillable grocery, cleaning, and personal care products.

Sesi’s Delicate Laundry Liquid

Sesi’s Delicate Laundry Liquid is a perfect example. This mild, vegan formula contains natural surfactants that effectively wash clothes while remaining kind to the environment. Your reusable Sesi bottle gets refilled again and again, reducing waste.

Refills also support local economies. Brands like Oxford-based Sesi Detergent provide jobs in the community and reduce the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. Plus, refilling saves you money, as bringing your own bottle is cheaper than buying a ready-made product.

Fit Pit

The same goes for personal care items like deodorant. Fit Pit offers an award-winning organic formula that’s tough on odor yet gentle on skin. With no aluminium salts or synthetic chemicals, it’s a safer choice that’s kinder to your body. Refilling your jar means less plastic waste than purchasing a new stick each time.

Friendly Soap

Friendly Soap bars also come package-free, reducing waste while pampering your skin with natural ingredients. Their vegan soap bars are handcrafted in West Yorkshire using ethically sourced botanicals. No need for disposable plastic bottles or pump dispensers.


For kitchen wares, Eco-Living offers sustainable alternatives to single-use sponges and cloths. Their durable, eco-friendly scrubbers and towels can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need for endless disposable sponges that end up in landfills.

Chiltern Oils

Chiltern Oils Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil provides a plastic-free cooking oil option. Produced locally in Tring, it’s a nutritious oil that can be refilled over and over. Upcircle Beauty takes the reusable ethos a step further, upcycling leftover ingredients into skincare. This innovative approach makes sustainability accessible to all.

Upcircle Beauty

For sustainable beauty products, try the Upcircle Beauty range. They upcycle leftover ingredients, are certified vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and don’t use plastic.

With so many great zero waste refilling options, from soaps to toilet paper, there’s no excuse not to ditch disposable plastics. Refilling is the future of sustainable living, and Carpenter’s Nursery makes it easy.

Bring your clean, empty containers and visit our refill pantry today for quality products that are gentle on the planet.