Hanging Baskets at Carpenters Nursery

hangin baskets

When summer arrives, hanging baskets are the perfect way to decorate your home with colourful flowers and verdant greenery. You can pick up hanging baskets from many large garden centres and DIY stores, but these are generally mass produced with the poor-quality plants and compost. Here at Carpenter’s Nursery, we create and sell top quality hanging baskets for our customers. They look beautiful and will continue blooming all summer long – as long as you remember to water them, of course!

Millions of homes and businesses all over the UK hang baskets of flowers on walls during the spring and summer. It’s like having a mini garden in a basket. Even if you don’t have an actual garden, you can still enjoy some seasonal flowers with a hanging basket.

Add Kerb Appeal with a Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets add colour to a home, they are often the first thing visitors see when they approach your front door. Beautiful flowers are delightful. They make us smile and appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature. If you are selling your home or trying to attract passing customers, a few hanging baskets can add some much-needed kerb appeal and improve the exterior of a building. However, if you want your hanging baskets to go the distance and remain colourful and fresh all summer, they need to be well watered and fed regularly.

A Range of Seasonal Flowers

Hanging baskets are one of the specialities at Carpenter’s Nursery. We grow a huge range of seasonal flowers in our extensive greenhouses. Our plants are cultivated from seeds and nurtured into mature plants under the watchful eyes of our experienced growers. Weak, poor quality plants are discarded and those that remain are tough, hardy individuals with plenty of flower heads, which is exactly what you need for a quality hanging basket.

Once the plants are ready, we plant them up into hanging baskets. Although it might not be obvious to the untrained eye, there is an art to creating hanging baskets. Each basket needs a good quality compost, some water retaining granules and some long-lasting feed. Thought must also be given to selecting the right combination of flowers, otherwise you can find that a couple of plants have taken over the basket.

Mix and Match Colours

Our team have many years’ experience planting up hanging baskets, so we know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work. We work with different sizes of basket and liners to suit all budgets, so no matter how small or voluminous you want your basket to be, there will be one to suit your requirements.

Traditional hanging baskets contain a mixture of plants, with some trailing downwards and other growing up and out. We like to mix and match plants, so our baskets are a mass of colour and greenery. Come along to the Carpenter’s Nursery and check out our latest creations. You are sure to be impressed by the selection on offer!