6 fantastic plants for spring pots

Tired of winter's grey? It's time for a splash of color! Transform your garden, patio, or windowsill into a springtime haven with beautiful potted flowers. We've handpicked six stunning varieties that thrive in containers and will keep you smiling for weeks.

elatior hybrid primroses

Spring bulbs

Missed your chance to plant bulbs in Autumn? Don't despair! You can still bring vibrant spring colour to your garden with pre-planted pots of bulbs. From tulips and daffodils to hyacinths and beyond, a wide variety of favorites are readily available now. Simply choose your picks, plant them in containers or window boxes, and enjoy a dazzling spring display!

Violas and pansies

You can't beat violas and pansies for adding a burst of spring colour to your pots and window boxes. These dainty-looking plants are surprisingly tough, shrugging off unexpected spring frosts. As the weather warms, they erupt in a vibrant display of colourful blooms. To extend their flowering power throughout the season, simply deadhead (remove) the spent flowers.

garden pansies


Primulas are a gardener's delight for shady areas.  Beyond the familiar soft yellow blooms of the common primrose (Primula vulgaris), a vibrant world of color awaits!  Choose from stunning double flowered varieties, captivating bicolors, and even fragrant options.  These charming plants grace pots and window boxes alike, their jewel-toned blossoms nestled above rosettes of lush green foliage.

For an even showier display, consider polyanthus, another member of the Primula family.  These cheerful flowers boast the same bright colors as their primrose cousins, but are presented on slightly taller stems, creating a captivating effect.


Wallflowers are a delightful addition to any spring garden, offering a vibrant display that lasts for weeks.  They come in a breathtaking range of rich colors, including purple, red, orange, and golden yellow. Many varieties boast a delightful fragrance, adding another layer of enjoyment to your outdoor space.

These versatile bloomers pair beautifully with tulips and other spring bulbs, creating a stunning springtime scene.  For those with limited space, compact dwarf wallflowers thrive in pots, whether bathed in sunshine or enjoying partial shade.  Easy to care for, they require minimal effort to bring a burst of color to your patio or balcony.


Heucheras, also known as coral bells, are prized for their incredible foliage. With a dazzling array of colors, from cool silver and deep purple to fiery orange, they offer endless variety for your garden. Their colorful, often evergreen leaves provide a superb backdrop for flowering plants and hold their own beauty throughout the year.

A heads-up for container gardeners: Vine weevil larvae can be a problem for heucheras in pots.  Stay ahead of them by treating your pots with nematodes in spring and autumn.

Bellis daisies

Bellis daisies, with their round pompom flowers in shades of pink or white, add a touch of sunshine to any spring garden. These cheerful blooms bob merrily on short stems above rosettes of green leaves, creating a vibrant and low-maintenance display.

Flowering for weeks on end, bellis daisies are a must-have for sunny spots in your garden or patio containers.

Spring's arrived! Explore our dazzling array of spring plants at Carpenters Nursery, perfect for adding a splash of colour to any garden feature – pots, beds, or window boxes!